Energy is money

To save energy is save money!

To use energy efficiently does not mean necessarily to renounce at your comfort!

To use energy efficiently means care for your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and next generations which will come because they will also need the energy provided by the conventional fuels – which are getting to the end and also a healthy environment!

Using (consuming) energy efficiently you can contribute to pollutant emissions reduction and greenhouse effect so global warming and climate change be slow down.

To obtain these objectives are not necessarily needed great investments!

You can start with your own energy consumptions monitoring and their evaluation (cost estimation)!

You will see that the energy bill can cover more than 40% from your revenues, calculated for a family with medium incomes!

Go to simple, with no costs or cost-effective investments measures, to behavior change and usual habits regarding utilities consumption (energy, water, gas)!

You will become a truly energy and financial manager for your family!

Follow the information and practical advices, collected by us, that can come in your help:

Simple Measures to Save Energy

Investments Needed to Save Energy

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