Who we are

Local Agency for  Energy Efficiency and Environment – ALEEM Vaslui is an association established  on free founders assent – authorities of local public administration from  Vaslui and Barlad, suppliers of local public services and consumers. It is  constituted as Romanian legal private person, with no patrimonial goal, of general interest,  non-governmental, autonomous, independent of the specific interests of the  associates, non-profit and non-political.

It claimed its  juridical statute in 2007 through Vaslui Judging Court  no. 2889/333/2007 from 30th  of May 2007, being registered in Associations and Foundations Registry at no.  10/A/30.05.2007.


Agency activities are  financially supported by the European Commission, according to the Grant  Agreement no. EIE/TYPE2/06/184/S12.442670-NA, with an amount of 200.000 euro, representing  co-financing of 49,5% from total actions budget  proposed for 3 years period for Vaslui and Barlad, in the project  “ESTABLISHMENT OF 4 ENERGY MANAGEMENT AGENCIES IN BARREIRO (PT), VASLUI (RO),  PROVINCE OF ORISTANO (IT) AND MALTA POLESINE (MT)”. The project was developed  through Intelligent Energy Europe program, being managed by Executive Agency  for Competitiveness and Innovation – EACI.

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