Thermal rehabilitation

Thermal rehabilitation of building represents its technical improvement regarding heat keeping inside it.

The energy consumption of the building summarizes around:

  • 65% - heating
  • 15% - hot water
  • 110% - home appliances
  • 10% - lightening

Heat losses through building's cover (external walls, roof, floor) can go up to 40% of heating consumption. Through the external walls the building looses the most heating energy, approximately 35% from total loss. The roof loss represents 25% from total while the floor 15%. Through windows and doors(entrance doors) there are 10% loss, the rest of 15% coming from air ventilation..

The goals of thermal rehabilitation are:

  • Reducing the energy consumptions (so the fuel needed to produce the necessary energy);
  • Reducing energy costs (with heating and hot water) with cca. 40-60% from actual values;
  • Reducing the pollutant emissions generated by energy production, transport and consumption;
  • Improvement of hygienic conditions and thermal comfort inside the building.

The building rehabilitation/modernization supposes the adding of thermal insulation, sealing, improving or even replacing the windows and doors and also the improvement of the equipments and installations that are inside the building. Thermal rehabilitation means also the implementing of energy efficiency measures in all renovations and repairs activities on building.

More information on energy is money – measures which involve investments


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